Industrial Inspection

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Machine Vision

Machine vision allows high-speed and high-precision inspections by reading failure, error, and defects in products and Manufacturing process through a high-performance camera, lighting, and SW algorithms instead of visual inspection by humans.
It has become a core technology for smart manufacturing and quality management.


  • 01

    Self-developed SW and specialized solutions tailored to customers instead of using foreign products

  • 02

    Algorithms and UX that meet customer demand through various field experiences and know-how

  • 03

    Available to integrate with a higher system for motion control

  • 04

    Print out inspection results in various forms including PLC and alarm


  • Inspection

    PC vision inspection
    Controller vision inspection

  • System integration

    Integrate with a higher system for motion control

  • Printing results

    PLC integration and alarm


The one-and-only solution provider that offers the full line up of 2D/2.5D/3D machine vision

  • Photometric stereo available to display both 2D and 2.5D images with a single-shot
  • Phase measuring fringe reflection, one of the 3D machine vision techniques, for high-speed and high-precision measurement of large areas
  • Deep learning-based image enhancement technique: Super Resolution, Denoising, Deblurring → Maximize the accuracy in detecting errors and defects

2D Specification

Classification 2D High-resolution Inspection 2D Inspection
Areas of application Display, Semiconductor Secondary battery, solar cell, FPCB, etc.
Detection resolution 0.7㎛ ↑ 3.2㎛ ↑
Camera Line Scan Camera 16K, 12K, 8K, 4K (TDI, Line Scan Camera) 16K, 12K, 8K, 4K (TDI, Line Scan Camera)
Area Camera - 50M, 20M, 12M, 8M, 4M Area Camera
Software CPU: C++ Intrinsic, MMX, SSE
Image processing: OpenCV, OpenGL, HALCON, MIL, CAD

3D Specification

Spec N200 N210 N220 BD-100 (large area)
Vertical Resolution > 50㎚ > 20㎚ > 20㎚ > 500㎚
Lateral Resolution 2.5㎛ or below 1.2㎛ or below 0.9㎛ or below > ~60㎛
FOV > 5㎜ X 5㎜ SQ > 3㎜ X 2㎜ SQ > 2㎜ X 1.5㎜ SQ > 160㎜ X 120㎜
Measurement Range > 500㎛ > 300㎛ > 200㎛ > 10㎜
Min Size of defects 2.5㎛ 1.2㎛ 0.9㎛ 60㎛
Measurement time < 2.5 sec < 2.5 sec < 2.5 sec < 2.5 sec

PIE provides an intelligent inspection solution
using AI and deep learning.


It allows computers to classify, analyze, and learn mass data like the human brain.

Deep learning is one of the Machine Learning techniques for self-analysis and processing of data that allows computers to classify, analyze, and learn like the human brain.


It enables the infrastructure to detect the anomaly or defects in ultra-high-speed mass production facilities and products with high accuracy and rapid processing speed.

By combining deep learning technique, advanced machine vision technology, and know-how, PIE realizes the infrastructure to detect the anomaly or defects in ultra-high-speed mass production facilities and products with high accuracy and rapid processing speed.


PIE uses a self-developed AI engine instead of using foreign solutions.

The AI capability of PIE is applied to the EV battery manufacturing line for major auto providers both in Korea and overseas to support smart manufacturing.
PIE combines rule-based algorithms and deep learning for prompt line response.

Areas of application

  • TFT(Thin Film Transistor)
    TSP(Touch Screen Panel)

    Long Pitch Inspection
    Auto Pitch Inspection

  • OLED
    (TFE, PI, MN)

    Unique Optic Solution
    Noise Filtering
    Lens Distortion Calibration

  • Color Filter
    (BM, R, G, B, W, ITO,OC)

    Zone Threshold
    Dynamic Threshold
    Hybrid Model
    Lens Distortion Calibration

  • POL-Film /

    Film surface Inspection
    Laser cutting Inspection

Solar cell
Secondary battery / solar cell
  • Cylindrical Battery

  • Pouch Battery

  • Solar cell Panel

    Bi-Cell Alignment
    Sealing Thickness
    Cell Edge, Grinding

  • Automotive Glass

  • Automotive Shaft


    Counting glass pieces
    Fluorescence substance
    Flexible CAD Inspection

  • Blank Mask / Wafer

    Sub-Micro Inspection

  • PCB, ITO Target / IGZO Target

    CAD Inspection
    Conversion with
    Non Destructive Testing
    ( Ultra Sonic + Vision + Laser )

  • Any industrial parts

    Label text Inspection
    Surface, pattern Inspection
    Alignment Inspection

A leading company in the area of industrial inspection solutions

A portfolio covering total inspection solutions
for the entire process of secondary battery

  • Built a portfolio covering the entire process of secondary battery from electrode to assembly and formation
  • Holds records of delivering the latest inspection solutions (3rd/4th and next-generation battery) for Z-stacking and other core processes (assembly) of secondary battery
  • Meets all processes of major secondary battery manufacturers for EVs both at home and abroad: offers the optimum machine vision inspection solutions tailored to each battery manufacturing process including winding, lamination & stacking, and Z-stacking

Core process of secondary battery

Built one-stop solution supply system

  • Offers A-to-Z solution for manufacturing/inspection automation for secondary battery
  • Equipped with one-stop solution Line-up covering the facility and system for assembly process to AI-based inspection system
  • Provides integrated solutions of SW (AI/big data)+HW+NI
  • Established an ecosystem based on organic cooperation with affiliated companies with specialties including AHHA Labs (AI), F1TECH (equipment), and Biz High System (PC/NI/SI)
  • Runs overseas corporations (Hungary, China, etc.) for close cooperation and support for K-battery manufacturing lines