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The recruitment process of PIE is a journey to find partners, while discovering the capability and potential of applicants.

  • 01

    Respect for people

    Talent individuals who accept
    and consider the difference of others

  • 02

    Self-directed and
    ready to challenge attitude

    Talented individuals who are willing to
    take on challenges to find meaningful activities on their own

  • 03

    Positive mindset

    Talented individuals who can
    overcome challenges
    with a positive attitude and persistence

  • 04

    Willingness to grow

    Talented individuals who seek outstanding
    value creation and intend to grow
    their character and capability

Welfare system

PIE spares no effort to support its members.

People-friendly PIE,
People is Everything!

  • Various grants for family events

    Provide grants and holidays for family events
    such as marriage and parents’ birthdays

  • Family support

    Provide gifts and events
    for family members of employees
    upon Children's Day, Parents' Day, etc.

  • Free medical examination

    Provide a free medical examination each year
    (with discount benefits for family members of employees)

  • Support for housing expenses

    Support the housing expenses for employees
    moved from other areas by up to two years

  • Free meals and snacks

    Provide free lunch/dinner
    a company lounge
    offering various snacks and drinks

Work-life balance is
a driving force for a positive mindset and persistence!

  • Special summer vacation

    Four more days in addition to annual leaves!
    Provide four more days
    for summer special holidays each year
    that employees can use freely

  • Convenient/leisure facilities

    Company lounge (snack bar, coffee machine, etc.)
    equipped with sleeping rooms, a resting lounge, the water sports facility , etc.

  • Free annual leave system

    A system that employees decide to take annual leave with self-approval whenever they want

  • Reward for long-term service

    Provide vacation bonus and special leave for those who worked for 3 years, 6 years, and 10 years

  • Free dress code

    It is okay to wear shorts at the office in hot weather!
    Work in the optimal condition with business casual attire

  • Support for club activity

    Provide financial support to help employees create gatherings to enjoy hobbies within the company

A company that provides members with ample opportunity to grow

  • Provide high-performance
    laptop and monitor

  • KRW 100,000 voucher for the newly hired

    Provide a voucher worth KRW 100,000 to the newly hired to support the purchase of office supplies

  • Performance-based bonus

    Provide a bonus at the end of the year based on a fair performance assessment system

  • Rest and recreation leave & incentives
    for employees on extended business travel

    Provide rest and recreation leave and incentives
    for those who went on extended business travel for over 30 days

  • Offering books

    Provide employees unlimited opportunities to read books

A great company to work for, PIE

Recruitment process

PIE is looking for talented individuals who will build a pleasant working environment that Cares, a self-directed and positive mindset, and achieve growth during the process.

  • 01

    We assess the job competency, character, etc.
    of the applicants comprehensively.

  • 02

    We assess the attitude, values, etc.
    of the applicants to determine whether they are the right people for our company.
    We review the expertise with regard to the corresponding duty including major and experience.
    We welcome those who will make dreams come true at PIE

  • 03

    We welcome those who will make
    dreams come true at PIE