Industrial Inspection

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NDT (Non-Destructive Test)

NDT refers to a series of techniques and processes used to identify the properties, status, internal structure, defects, errors, etc. without destroying the inspection target.
It is applied to various types of manufacturing industries for productivity improvement through the increase of yield rate in manufacturing process and cost reduction as well as quality management.

Ultrasonic testing

It is a representative NDT technique based on the propagation of ultrasonic waves in material tested to analyze the amount of energy and arrival time of reflection from the inside and outside of the product.
It is used to identify the location, size, and alignment of the internal material of the product to find defects or failures.


Spec High Frequency Mid Frequency Low Frequency
Transducer Bandwidth 50 MHz ~ 150 MHz 1 MHz ~ 55 MHz ~ 1 MHz
Generator Frequency 80 MHz ~ 120 MHz 1 MHz ~ MHz ~ 1 MHz
Resolution Lateral: 20~50㎛
Depth: 10~20㎛
Lateral: 50~100㎛
Depth: 20~40㎛
Lateral: over 100㎛
Depth: over 50㎛
DOF 10 mm 20 ~ 200 mm over 200 mm
Focal Depth 2 ~ 8 mm 10 ~ 400 mm -
Type Water immersion Water immersion Air-coupled


  • 01

    Tailored services with the self-developed core components

  • 02

    Algorithms and UX that meet customer demand through various field experiences and know-how

  • 03

    Extensible NDT inspection solutions equipped with machine vision

  • 04

    Print out the inspection result in various forms including 2D, 3D images


  • Inspection

    Ultrasonic testing

  • Result analysis

    Provide analytic tools selected by customers

  • Printing results

    Print out the inspection result in various forms including 2D, 3D images


PIE provides Tailored NDT solutions to meet customer demand
based on core components developed with its own technologies.


The capability to develop core components by itself determines the quality of NDT solutions.

Based on its technological capabilities and the network of academic and research institutions and industry partners, PIE develops core parts of high-frequency ultrasonic converter.
We guarantee the high quality of tailored NDT solutions as we develop and use parts optimized for the material detected.


PIE offers various types of NDT solutions that meet customer demand based on R&D.

We have developed various ultrasonic techniques including immersion/non-immersion testing Methods through R&D to provide an optimal inspection environment that meets customer demand.
By combining the know-how accumulated through machine vision experience , we have developed an “all-in-one inspection solutions integrated with machine vision,” thereby providing NDT solutions that satisfy customer needs.

Areas of application

  • OLED
    (TFE, PI, MN)

    Panel Defect

  • Blank Mask / Wafer

    Sub-Micro Inspection

  • PCB, ITO Target / IGZO Target

    CAD Inspection
    Conversion with
    Non Destructive Testing
    (Ultra Sonic + Vision + Laser)