Manufacturing Intelligence

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Integrated Smart Factory Solution


PIE provides Data CAMP, an AI-based integrated smart factory solution that collects, analyzes, and monitors various types of data generated from heterogeneous manufacturing facilities, sensors, etc., and predicts potential anomalies(abnormality), with AHHA Labs, an AI company.

  1. 01

    Actualization of intelligent manufacturing/operation management system from data collection to analysis, monitoring, and prediction

    • Establishment of advanced process control (APC) infrastructure
    • Securing of manufacturing intelligence
    • Laying the foundation for smart manufacturing/quality management
  2. 02

    Collection and analysis of CCTV videos, defective data, sound, PLC data, and data from multiple devices and sensors

  3. 03

    Proven usability and excellency through application to manufacturing lines and advancement of services


  • 01

    Convenient device data connection settings

    Support most commonly used protocols to be connected at general industrial sites

  • 02

    Data storage to local/NAS

    Protect data to prepare for network disconnection.
    Efficient post-data analysis as it stores original data

  • 03

    Enhanced edge preprocessing / analytic functions

    Conduct preprocessing of the collected local data and provide diagnostic/analytic functions through rule settings tailored to users

  • 04

    Monitoring function

    Offer functions to search data collected from both the inside and outside of a factory

  • 05

    Control function by facility/equipment

    Offer functions to control the facility and equipment by a group so that users can apply and control configuration parameters easily

Areas of application

Data CAMP contributes to manufacturing innovation and quality management of national strategic industries including secondary battery, semiconductor, and display.
It will also drive the spread of Manufacturing Intelligence in various areas such as consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, food, and construction.

  • Manufacturing

    (secondary battery, semiconductor, display, electronics, etc.)

  • Construction/civil work
  • Pharmaceuticals/foods
  • Consumer goods