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AI Intelligence Platform

LISA Platform

PIE has developed an AI platform “LISA (Look In Smart With AI)”, with AHHA Labs, an AI company, in the area of industrial inspection equipment for the first time in Korea and takes the lead in adopting AI to the manufacturing sites of national strategic industries such as secondary battery, semiconductor , and display as well as various industrial fields. Through LISA Platform, we support for non-developers to operate the manufacturing process and infrastructure easily and efficiently.

LISA solution Line-up

LISA Anomaly Detector

Facility anomaly detection solution
  • for Video (CCTV)
  • for Audio
  • for Various Signal data

Key Benefits

  • No Developers Required

  • Only normal data or a small number of NG data are used

  • No initial setup time required

LISA Vision

Vision inspection solution
  • Classification
  • Segmentation
  • Object Detection

Key Benefits

  • No Developers Required

  • Just Drag & Drop

  • Auto Labelling Tool

  • Defect Image Generation Tool

LISA Model Automator

Data/model management solution
  • Auto Data Management

Key Benefits

  • No Developers Required

  • Global Data Management

  • AI that creates AI

  • Support On-premise & Cloud